Things I write down before I forget.

  1. Important People in AI History

  2. AI's Role in Curing the Loneliness Epidemic

  3. What Does the World Look Like when Everyone Has a 10,000 IQ?

  4. What's the Point of Negative Feedback?

  5. When Faster Horses Are the Right Call

  6. Where Are the Crypto Devs?

  7. Are We Preparing Our Children to Be Surveilled?

  8. To Be Thoroughly Worn Out

  9. Our Country, Governed by Soda Machine Politics

  10. How to Create a Job

  11. Just Following Orders

  12. How I Stay Present in a Zoom Call

  13. Playing a Bad Hand

  14. Larping with a Preschooler

  15. Is a "Remote-First" Workforce Just Another "Open Office" Trap Waiting to Happen?