About Me

I love building things that connect people around a common purpose.

I founded Localist, a community event platform that's designed to connect people virtually and IRL.

Here's my profile in The Washington Post.

Communities shape all of us

Here's my journey through tech, and the communities I joined along the way.

🐍 1987 - I painstakingly build type-in games on the family Atari.

💾 1992 - The family gets a 486 PC (with a 1x CD-ROM!). I install DOOM.

☎️ 1997 - I start a two-line BBS on my dad's old laptop, joining a local community of SysOps.

🌎 1998 - I get access to the Internet, which expands my understanding of "community," from local to global. I learn that the person who runs my favorite tech news website, BetaNews, goes to my high school.

🕹 1999 - I save every penny and build my first computer. I fall deep into the "underworld" communities of warez, QuakeWorld, and IRC.

🎨 2000 - I discover the creative community through Photoshop, and start designing websites for non-profits. I start writing tech articles. I write my first blog post.

💼 2001 - I write my first web app and discover the selfless, but unforgiving community of FOSS. I start moonlighting as a developer/designer for companies.

📱 2007 - I wait in line with other early adopters for the first iPhone.

💡 2009 - With "community" being such a foundational element of my upbringing, I start Localist, a community event platform, with a friend. It's my entry into the community of entrepreneurs.

🚴 2010 - I enter my first bike race and begin a long-term relationship with the cycling community that continues to this day.

🤑 2012 - After achieving sustainable profitability in the company, I buy out our investor, returning 100% ownership to the founders.

👼 2015 - I join the angel investor community to "send the elevator back down" to the next cohort of entrepreneurs.

🏏 2016 - I become an ICF certified executive coach, helping leaders grow through empathy and perspective.

📈 2019 - 50% of the entire community software industry is founded. Others are realizing the impact of connection, and community.

🥽 2020 - With COVID-19, the relevance of getting together in-person is tested like never before. At Localist, we successfully define what it means to stay connected to a community in a virtual-only world, and continue to grow.

2021 - My family moves to Marin County, California. We learn to find our place in the local community.

🎉 2022 - The demand for in-person gatherings returns with a vengeance, and Localist is here for it.

Get in touch

I'm a fan of face-to-face. It's why Localist started.

I love meeting new people. If you'd like to grab a coffee with me, have someone that we're mutually connected to make an introduction.

If you'd like to connect virtually, @ me.